Dancehall & NY Stock Exchange

77 The-Village--New-York-Stock-Exchange-Feed-and-Supply40 The-Village---Bull-and-Bear-Dance-Hall


Equipped with a pool table, 2 pinball machines, a poker table and a jukebox, the dance hall lives up to its name. The two buildings look separate but are actually one large space.

With 2 half bathrooms and a full kitchen, while there is no dedicated bedroom, this space can easily be set up for bedrooms. This is also the space where Imus has done many broadcasts for his show and includes the radio studio space. Because of this, the ranch has T1 internet service. 

7 The-Village----New-York-Stock-Exchange-Feed-and-Supply---Interior-View-38 The-Village----New-York-Stock-Exchange-Feed-and-Supply---Interior-View-49 The-Village----New-York-Stock-Exchange-Feed-and-Supply---Interior-View-56 The-Village----New-York-Stock-Exchange-Feed-and-Supply---Interior-View-1