Saloon / Infirmary

37 The-Village---Black-Lung-Saloon-Exterior-2

With an Old West entrance and a Wild West style bar, the Black Lung Saloon actually served as the medical center for the Imus Ranch. With a total of 3 bedrooms, a Jack and Jill 3/4 bathroom serves two of these bedrooms with the 3rd 3/4 bathroom connecting to the gym that includes a Tredmill and a Stepmill. There is an additional half bath off of the efficiency kitchen.

33 The-Village---Black-Lamb-Saloon-Entrance26 The-Village---Black-Lamb-Saloon-Bar

The 3 bedrooms plus the gym

28 The-Village---Black-Lamb-Saloon-Bedroom-230 The-Village---Black-Lamb-Saloon-Bedroom29 The-Village---Black-Lamb-Saloon-Bedroom-with-Hospital-Bed34 The-Village---Black-Lamb-Saloon-Gym

Hospital Room35 The-Village---Black-Lamb-Saloon-Hospital-Room